About Us

Sparktacular Fx Machines is a manufacturer of Pyrotechnic Simulators and  the inventor of CST (cold spark technology). We introduced the first indoor machine over 3 years ago in the US. With over 13 years of combined experience in cold spark technology and 25 years in pyrotechnics we are providing you the best equipment available in Pyrotechnic Simulators. As the leaders in this industry we pride ourselves on being in compliance with all US safety and regulations standards.

The Team

Steve Freedman

CEO  & Director of Marketing

Zou Xiaowen (Ocean)

CEO  & Director of R&D

Yuleo Lio

Director of International Business


Max Freedman

Safety Director

Lou Freedman


Sam Freedman

Sales & Rentals

Terry Ritz

Chief Technician

Trevor Ritz

R & D Consultant