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Get Your Sparktacular FX System Now!

Spark One & Rainfall Machines U.S. & International Patent Pending

Sparktacular FX Machines makes it easy to refill your grains, add machines or other machine accessories. 


There are two ways to make a purchase at Sparktacualr FX Machines, either by phone or online. Our online store is available for repeat orders only. All first orders must be done via telephone. It is simple and easy.

Make Contact

Select & Purchase

Receive Delivery

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Obtaining a Sales Representative

Sparktacular FX Machines has one of two ways you can obtain a sales representative. You can call our toll free number 877.792.1101 or fill out the form below. 

Select Your Machines & Grains

One of our expert team members will guide you through the purchasing process by properly assessing your needs.

You can expect service of the highest level.

CALL NOW 877.792.1101Our team is trained

• Assess how many machines you may need

• Forecast your granule usage

• Set up your account

• Help you with the best payment option

• Training & certification


• AHJ compliance information

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Accepting Delivery

Now that you are a trained and certified user, you will receive your equipment by the delivery date established by you and your salesperson. You will receive a one year warranty and tech support.


You will then be eligible to register with our online store where you will be able to purchase refills, machines and other accessories.  

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